Parenting & The Millennial Problem

Since birth, countless a child has been coddled and made to feel “unique” and “one-of-a-kind.” Meanwhile other children have been guided through a more structured and goal-oriented upbringing. Nurtured children are much familiar with being rewarded for the smallest achievements: hoorays for hitting that tee ball and great job buddy for finishing your homework. Meanwhile, […]

The Case For Adoption

Growing up, I always wondered why someone would adopt a child if they could create, nurture, and birth their own. I even recognized I would never be able to love an adopted child the same way. Over time though, my opinion has diametrically changed. Age and experience weathered me. Here’s my attempt at addressing/refuting the […]

When it’s ok to have fear:

The hot spring air bristles through my hair, the sun peering over the sky cloudless. I listen to the windy tumult surrounding me as I’m wedged between sandstone rock walls on each side. I am hundreds of feet above the desert canyon ground. I haven’t placed any protective gear in what seems at least 20 […]